Congratulations to the 2017 Bob O’Connor Foundation Community Service Scholarship Recipients!

  1. Mari Weimer, Taylor Alderice High School
    “Knowing that people need help and wanting and accepting that makes me really want to go help. The community gives me some much that I want to give back to it.”
  2. Jordan Marie Russel, Taylor Alderice High School
    “My plans and goal is to join the United States Air Force upon my graduation from high school. This will provide me the opportunity to help out others in our country as well as people all around the world as a proud member of our nations military.
  3. Mariamo Mada, Barack Obama Academy of International Studies
    “I think volunteering is a great way to interact with others and it’s very relaxing and joyful, because it helps me understand and think of my passions in life. It helps me through stressful times with schooling and it gives me a break to relax and help others and the community. Every single day and night volunteering provides me with renewed creativity, motivation, and vision that can carry over into my personal life within myself and family.”
  4. Isabel Slaymaker, Winchester Thurston High School
    “I feel as if my volunteer time and experiences has been building up in intensity, and will continue to grow for the rest of my life. In considering career paths, I know I am dedicated to helping others, whether that be working to provide opportunities to at-risk youth or working to provide healthcare to underfunded communities.”
  5. Brett Monae Searcy, Barack Obama Academy of International Studies
    “Taking part and volunteering taught me compassion and understanding. I’ve watched my community change through blight and gentrification. One of my favorite things about community services is that there are opportunities and choices right in your very neighborhood.”
  6. Vincent Angelo Meirert, Central Catholic High School
    “Becoming involved has instilled honesty, respect and passion in me. I have learned to be flexible, committed, respectful, honest and have strengthened my networking and communication skills.”
  7. Aaron AJ Markiewicz, Central Catholic High School
    “I like to bring smiles to people’s faces and brighten their days. What’s going on in the world these days is terrible and crazy, so why not try to counter these in the small things in our every day lives, because if enough people do small good deeds, it creates a big change for the better.”
  8. Matthew Del Rosso, Central Catholic High School
    “We can always help even through the adversity of violence, racial issues, and gender issues that are prevalent in our culture as humans. Service is very important to me and embodies the humble and compassionate being that I strive to be every day.”
  9. Aijalon Brown, Barack Obama Academy of International Studies
    “I was that little girl who cared about what people said but I quickly learned people’s opinions will not add money to your pockets, making your dreams reality will… Your presence creates your future and I want to teach kids the importance of it.”
  10. Caroline Albacete, Oakland Catholic High School
    “I know that whatever I do in my life, service will always be a part of it… I am going to try to assist those who need assistance, to inspire those who need inspiration, to serve those who deserve to be served.”
  11. Briauna McClendon, The Neighborhood Academy
    “In my vision of helping people, I hope, comes to fruition in the form of becoming a young and successful African-American surgeon. I remain optimistic that I will have the resources and I need to find a cure for diseases such as sickle cell anemia, Alzheimer’s, or even cancer.”
  12. Davis Marshall, Central Catholic High School
    “Changing an child’s Christmas with a gift that they really wanted and would never have had the means to get and to see them cry of joy and happiness would change anyone’s mood. In the future, I definitely want to volunteer working with children.”